All About Darjeeling Tea – You Must Know To Be A Connoisseur

Though there square measure varied varieties of teas on the market within the market, the distinctive style of Darjeeling Tea makes it the foremost standard tea within the world. However, sipping a cup of this hot drinkable won’t be enough for cognoscenti. Here square measure the mandatory facts regarding this tea.

Types of Darjeeling Tea: aside from the standard differentiation, the proper style of this tea depends on the time of gathering. per season, it’s divided into four sorts like-

The First Flush:

The first flush tea is the most prized and standard within the market. this kind of tea variant solely includes the primary 2 inexperienced leaves of the plant, that has the foremost beguiling flavor. For this contemporary and aromatic flavor, the primary flush is understood because of the “Champagne of Teas”. These early leaves square measure the foremost delicate and tender; thus produce a brisk and floral style.

The Second Flush:

The time of selecting the second flush tea is early Gregorian calendar month to might or Gregorian calendar month. during this flush, the leaves become larger and a lot of mature than the primary flush. These matured leaves yield a stronger and sander flavor for an ideal cup of Darjeeling Tea. The second flush tea is understood for it’s tasteful, matured, a fruity bit.

The Monsoon Flush:

This flush continues its growth from a Gregorian calendar month or July to Gregorian calendar month. The leaves created during this flush square measure larger, that brew into an intense color and daring flavor. The monsoon flush is often utilized in creating iced tea or as business tea luggage.

The season Flush:

The tea leaves that matured in a Gregorian calendar month to November, is understood as season Flush. it’s the last and last of Darjeeling Tea. during this stage, the leaves become a lot of mature than the previous flushes; it creates a powerful copper-colored drinkable. during this stage, tea leaves grow slowly and manufacture a nutty, rich taste.

Perfect weather for Darjeeling Tea:

To maintain the proper growth of the tea plant, correct soil, temperature and wetness are inevitable. As tea could be a rain-fed plant, it cannot survive while not rain. However, excessive rain will injury the plant entirely. the best temperature to grow Darjeeling Tea is between eighteen to thirty degrees. The tea plant, maybe spoiled, in warmth and maybe lost its delicate flavor. Darjeeling’s cool, dampish climate and slopping terrains square measure equally necessary to supply the muscatel flavor of the tea. Sometimes, robust wind, frost, excessive rain creates difficulties in growing the plant.

Hope these preceding factors square measure compelling enough to style this witching drink. Therefore, begin looking out the worth of the Darjeeling Tea per weight unit and explore its heavenly style.

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